Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Electronic Arts Buys Real Racing Developers

It appears that Twitter isn’t the only company snatching up iOS developers this week. Tuaw and several other media sites are reporting that the console gaming giant, Electronic Arts, is planning on purchasing popular iOS developer Firemint.

You might recognize some of Firemint’s work, as they are the developers behind games like Flight Control and the Real Racing franchise. Neither game was a stranger to the top 25 list in the App Store. What could they have to gain by joining up with EA?

Apparently Firemint has done some work for EA in the past, porting over popular EA console titles to the mobile arena. Tuaw notes that their close relationship may have lead to the acquisition. EA issued a press release this morning concerning the Firemint purchase:

The Firemint team is remarkable for its critical and commercial success. Have them as part of EA will accelerate our position as worldwide leader in game development for mobile devices and online gaming.

The note also mentions another recent EA purchase of a company called Mobile Post Production. Their specialties are high quality cross-platform development and porting console titles to smartphones. I think it’s safe to say we can expect a slew of EA’s console titles to make their way to iOS in the not-so-distant future.

Although the deal hasn’t been inked quite yet with the Australian-based development studio, EA says they and Firemint have reached an agreement. No financial details have been revealed just yet, but a deal is expected to close within the next month.

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