Monday, May 2, 2011

The official Frisbee game flies through the App Store this Thursday

The above video is from Frisbee Forever, a flying discs game due for iOS devices later this week. There’s no shortage of original games on the App Store, but Frisbee Forever could be the first high-quality Frisbee throwing game, at least to my knowledge. It’s an officiall game, too, because Kiloo, the brains behind a Commodore 64 emulator, signed a licensing deal with Wham-O, a California toy company that created the original Frisbee flying disc.

TouchArcade explains that the game will let you throw flying discs with the flick of  your finger and then “direct it through the 100 different levels using either tilt or touch controls”. Levels are filled with various items and power-ups as well as targets to fly through. Fans of customization will love more than a hundred unlockable Frisbees styles and achievements to earn. Frisbee Forever will be a universal binary that scales up nicely to iPad and is set to launch this coming Thursday, May 5. Plus, the developer already announced a snow-themed level pack and Game Center support in the next update. Can’t wait – recreation at the beach will never be the same.

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