Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apple Looking At 3D Camera In Future Gen iPhones

It probably doesn’t come as much a surprise that Apple are looking at 3D technology, ever one seems to be doing it at the moment. According to AppleInsider Apple have filed for a patent that would involve taking multiple pictures and then meshing them together to make a 3 dimensional image.
Many companies are jumping onto the 3D bandwagon, we have the HTC Evo which has a pair of cameras on the back which allow it to record 3D videos.
This patent indicates that the technology would allow the iPhone to shoot 3D still images and record high def 3D video.
One would assume that if Apple were to include 3D technology in their camera, that they would add in a 3D screen, but I’m not quite sure how that would work.
One thing I’m pretty sure though is that this won’t find it’s way into the iPhone 5, or probably not the iPhone 6. Apple like to wait until these sort of technologies are well established first.
What would you think of having a 3 Camera, would you use it? Is it too early for the market now?

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