Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forbes: Apple's increasingly play the role of a strong operator

      "Forbes" magazine online edition Zhou Sanzhuan that in this virtual world, more and more like Apple's role in operators, the world's geographic boundaries defined by the Apple product. Following is a summary of the article: As more and more people settled in the virtual world, when, about the past and the legal distinction between the definition no longer applies. Today the role of operators and nothing like the past. Apple, Google, Facebook and many other companies have gone into this new field in the operator on the road.

      This is all of the above companies are reluctant to accept a title, because they would bring responsibilities and limitations, is conducive to competition, but to put pressure on the profitability of their own.

  In a drive by the Internet, connecting over the world, our thoughts must move away from the shackles of some of the concepts and architecture, after all, they are designed for the real world. Getting permission to enter the virtual threshold is clear, more and more tied up, just like hundreds of other people, I live in the "Apple World", the geographical boundaries of this place by the Apple product definition: MacBook is the North, iPad is the South , iPod is East, iPhone is the West.

  There are people living in "Google World", "Facebook space" and "Twitter land", they should wish me the same as that hope that the company is committed to "do no evil" (do no evil). But the world is not so pure. Are in "Apple World" feels like a shabby mining exposure, only the shops. Independent retailers do not need to apply for space. Even Apple's former supporters, such as Adobe, they have been banished along with the application developers.

  What exactly is a carrier? The answer is in the market with a monopoly vendor. Given this dominant position, operators of the consumers should not have any discrimination. By law, carriers as long as there is enough space, we must carry all of the passengers or cargo, and is a free service, there is no legitimate reason to refuse to undertake this responsibility. No good reason to refuse hire someone or operators of certain goods may be prosecuted by the other party suffered losses.

  Of course, Apple does not think of themselves as carriers. Do not think so, because we tend to operators linked to tangible property - railways, aircraft, trucks, copper, fiber optic cable. We do not use those facilities to the application as carriers, but apparently they are.For example, the Post Office is a carrier: it is actually a carrier's use of other aircraft, rail and truck cargo application

  If the thirties of last century post office is run like today, like apples, which may then by large mail order companies (such as Sears and Montgomery Ward) the amount of goods sent to consumers by 30%. As the so-called network effects, in a connection over the world, monopoly and oligopoly becomes a natural state, think about Google, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle and Microsoft IE bar, the advent of cloud computing will undoubtedly bring more virtual space monopoly.

  At different times, people carriers are also different views on the definition. Future operators should be aware that "the future of the tangible goods" is information, the twenty-first century, geography is the virtual space. The sooner they accept this view. With regulatory authorities the possibility of interference with their smaller business.

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