Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iPhone TIPS: 3D 360 Virtual Reality Gadget for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

Q: What is that? A: This gadget is called MY3D and is a new and unique device that brings 3D and 360° entertainment to your iPhone or iPod touch. Q: Cool, but how does it work? A: Simple, just snap your iPhone or iPod touch into this thing. Then download specially-formatted MY3D apps from the App Store, and you can view movie trailers, play games, visit Los Angeles, hunt for sharks, and more - all in 3D! Charges may apply for some apps. Q: How does it work with 3D 360° viewing? A:The MY3D viewer lets you look up, down and even directly behind you. For example, in MY3D 360° Sharks, you are a diver in an underwater shark cage. When you look down you see the floor of the cage, when you look up, you see the sun shining through the ocean. And when you look behind you...sharks! 
However, not all apps have 360° viewing. Q: How can I get MY3D apps? A: If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, go to the App Store and download the MY3D apps. The MY3D Presents is recommended to start with, which will show you exciting new 3D movie trailers, previews of all the newest MY3D apps and more! Q: What is on that device? A: The MY3D viewer uses unique optical features that transform 2 images on the iPhone display into dynamic 3D. All MY3D apps should be viewed only through the MY3D viewer, otherwise it is weird. Q: When is it available and how much? A: Buy the MY3D Viewer starting Sunday, April 3, exclusively at Target USA for US $35. Available in white and black.

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