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Jobs and his dream team

 Seeing is believing, this man black vest, light-colored pants, tall thin, sickly face and see at a glance is just the Stanford Cancer Center in California ran out, and look of the thing appeals to the imagination. He appeared new conference, under the tabloid reporters scurried to his sick photographed figure. Once published photos, financial markets uproar set off a sort of a small fear of wind. Tabloid title of the article was shocking: "the only decision the order of the founder shareholders of luck! "Speak exaggerated point, but on reflection is not unreasonable. Subsequently, an investment fund using Apple's shareholders meeting, asked Apple to provide comprehensive management succession plan as soon as possible, this motion was a 1 / 3 of the number of shareholder support, shareholders and investors trying to know: Steve Jobs, Apple will How?

  It is puzzling, really sick Ye Hao, so do gestures matter whether this man is ready in earnest his absence. Earlier this year, the third CEO announced an indefinite leave from his job, he took home the keys to his assistant Tim Cook. In particular, he designed a strategy to take several steps to let the market worry. This strategy started from the day he left, announced record sales; a few weeks, new products unveiled one by one: First MacBook Pro laptops debut, Then iPad II's release. As for the iPhone 5, said this summer. Obviously, the shareholders always looked forward to the new items can, never let you down. What is more, Jobs cautiously through the "Washington Post" revealed his health information: February 17 he and some of Silicon Valley, Obama attended a dinner big brother, and then he flashed on the iPad II the conference. A series of actions and then pass out a clear message, however: Joe lord I am in it!

The miracle of overweening

  There is no doubt left Apple in 1976 when the founder, leaving a perfectly normal functioning of the company, and later again to save his Apple in distress. Since his 1996 return to the business, Apple miraculously achieve business diversification. From the digital iPod, the popular world of the iPhone , iPad, these fashionable items can seem to make people forget, and Apple is started by the computer, and a computer company from start to finish. In him. Under the revenue jump a few jumps more than 650 billion U.S. dollars, the previous book loss of the company, profit of 14 billion U.S. dollars now. 1996 investors with $ 7.3 per share to buy the stock, count the continued placement of shares and share price growth, this share has been converted to 1350 dollars. Those who got wind of the move even more overjoyed to consumers on the planet to sell one every second iPhone ; iTunes store there are songs worth 100 billion for download anytime, anywhere.


  Apple's core team of strong unity, COO Tim Cook, Steve Jobs in 2009, 6-month period in hospital, fully demonstrated his management skills. Speaking of them, to turn Jobs tears, he told the management team is full of thanksgiving, praise for me. In Tim around, talented designer Jonathan Everett, a director of marketing Phil Schiller, and iPhone the first person to斯哥特福斯Tor. Each of them has more than 20 draft plan in hand, hope for the future. Printing of rumors full of possibility in the future will be the living room TV with Internet connection and build a giant California data storage center, which indicates that the future world will be a custom music world.


  But for investors, the past will never smoke. Earlier this year, the third time that Jobs was Tiaozi sick leave, an executive at Apple once recalled: "In 2004, we were in London for the European release iTune music service, I met the guard Jobs He hurried past me, because Steve is angry it. A few days later, Apple announced, CEO Steve Jobs will leave at least a month to receive a pancreas operation. "

  Of course, Steve Jobs, the left is a piercing thing. He remember the scene in 1985, when the Commission excluded him as the company's poor performance. Jobs fallen more than 30-year-old street, "I have no reason to live. I am worthless." He said in a famous speech in front of teachers and students of Stanford University said, "This a good glass of wine bitter it! "Now 56 years old, he did not want to taste the bitter.

  Jobs chase with the law of product development, from simple to complex, from smart to cool! He was given the green light for these products, but sometimes, when he found that product does not fit, he will not hesitate to blow them out of the laboratory, sealed for many years. Such as the early iPhone come out before Apple designed a touch-screen computer, but the first onto the market is iPhone . External communication is also controlled by his hand, spread with his deep imprint. Every Wednesday morning, Steve Jobs will participate in two hours and fly to Los Angeles advertising agency TBWA communication will, advertising companies in the compilation of 150 people, meeting content strictly confidential.

  Security first, which is Old Joe's secret weapon, a person can not be overstepped.Employees shall not talk with reporters, called Ye Hao, exchange business cards Ye Hao, absolutely no way. Hearts and curious people must stop there, released to be able to talk to, to go through three elections to pick five, and the number is limited. Seeks partners to sign strict confidentiality agreements. "Some people may feel bad, but only so strict it to work. Facts have proved that the results are satisfactory." Engage in the 80s of last century, a cutting-edge R & D head and said with emotion.

  Apple introduced the principle of confidentiality, even to the extent of paranoia, including the company's employees. . Layer in a very long period of time, deliberately stationed in different countries to the director of marketing, publishing wrong information to mislead their ideas for future products. Today, Silicon Valley headquarters are handling all the communication, not to leave any different geographical spread of play space. "In the headquarters, there is no horizontal linkages between R & D team, even if they do not know each other, what others are doing." Company, a veteran said. Able to master the global R & D, and only one Old Joe. Apple absolute militarized organization, grade rare.Jobs of influence, companies up and down all live in mystery. "He is absolutely unified., Only one goal: make the best products! Even their own colleagues may not be crowded out, the expense." Veteran added another apple.

  Jobs would sometimes pushed to the front of his, but necessary, would tether, did not hesitate to pull him back, of course, this is not without cost. For example, the head of John Robert iPod Stan Well, for a long period of time is seen as Jobs's successor, but eventually it was Apple's former finance director Feilai De persuaded away from Anderson. So Roberts Tann joined the iPhone rival Palm, HP and from his comeback today, ready to release HP's touch-screen TouchPad.

  Roberts Tann is not the only enemy, for Apple, even more frightening is when Steve Jobs left the CEO position, the enemy of the company as much as ever. Communications operators who are not optimistic about the Apple phone will be able to sell gold price; media world are not optimistic about Apple's touch screen will be able to subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Jobs Fujitsu employees because the image of the 13 year jump substantially impaired; and 2009, there have been hundreds of people poisoning, which also allow Apple's iPhone honorary sluggish. American writer Mike Daisy after a long-term research in China to attack Old Joe, the subject of the article shocking - "Mother of Concern", in which she was not alluding to Apple, but Jobs is just one person.

Dream Team

  COO Tim Cook twice Da1L1CEO, when Jobs left the company in the hospital, he was considered the most likely successor. His outstanding work ethic and management skills, new year, Cook third go into battle, and given the absolute power in charge of Apple, no regular Da1L1CEO.

  His outstanding performance for those nervous investors to re-establish confidence in Apple. Cook joined Apple 13 years ago, is responsible for the company's worldwide sales and operations, a significant achievement. He is responsible for iPhone and iPad 4 development, greatly increasing Apple's financial results, especially in times of financial crisis, the company's sales rise, not fall, irresistible.

  In Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs is known to tireless innovation. In many cases, he and Cook. Styles vary widely. Jobs capricious, demonstrative, often angry, but was born in Alabama town of Cook, but it is polite, speak tactfully, elegance of the "Southern gentleman." Jobs focus on the product details, Cook da0 in the management of a large broad ax.


  They both act in harmony and complement each other, so Apple is a difficult time in the U.S. economy is still operating normally, the world's most valuable high-tech companies. Cook singled Dudou If so, practice has proved he is fully capable of, his creativity, charisma, profound insight into the development of technology, never lost boss Steve Jobs, he can do for consumers desire foresight.

  Cook's success to Steve Jobs Ta impressive, especially the Cook is good at management and operation, short board is Steve Jobs, though, reckons he will not with Jobs. He was extraordinarily concerned about Apple's sales and he is responsible for the Mancintosh hardware department. In 2007, he became Apple's chief operating officer, two years after Jobs left the company the second 6 months of inpatient surgery, he Da1L1CEO, in charge of Apple daily work.

  Cook in 1982 and graduated from Alabama's Auburn University with a degree in industrial engineering, and then into the IBM, the company soon became a candidate managers. IBM's 12 years in the Cook repair has become a Duke University MBA. In 1997, Cook Compaq less than 6 months, a friend recommended him to do search to see Steve Jobs, but Apple is not the time to be good. During the meeting, Steve Jobs reveals his divine power of innovation, instantly captured the hearts of Cook. "The first meeting with Steve Jobs less than 5 minutes, I was thoroughly impressed that they would join the apple." Alumni Association at his alma mater in 2010, said Cook.

  Cook, now 50-year-old has been single, rigorous style of life, very few contacts with colleagues. His hobbies are football, climbing, cycling and fitness, exercise every day got up at 5 am, and then buried with e-mail, of his colleagues the impression that energy, all over the endless vigor. iPad ideas from Steve Jobs, by engineering designers to achieve, and then from Cook to operate, which makes Apple's easily 96 billion in revenue in the capsule.

  Other members of the Dream Team have their own strengths. Communication strategies and marketing commander Philip Puxi Le, good appetizing, let him explain product features, non-sudden death you can not, he is only introducing the company's new invention will be interviewed. Product design chief Jonathan Everett from the UK, designed many successful products, such as Macintosh, iPad, iPhone and iPad. Lang Shi Laite responsible for the French white Macintosh development and system development, he has worked at Xerox, and NeXT, and Jobs exchanges over 20 years. Responsible for theiPhone and iPad is the first software斯哥特福斯Toll handling iPhone operating system and APPSTORE guy, he can not be replaced in the company. Ronald Johnson, head of the Apple store manages 320 Apple stores worldwide, and his mode of distribution management is Apple's together the most money in 2010, the performance of 240 billion U.S. dollars.

  Almost all of the people will raise this issue, dream team can do independent operations without Steve Jobs?

  Fang Jian generally believe that if Apple did not the Steve Jobs, the company would certainly have been different, but not necessarily weak. Jobs halo because in the past too much, others live in his shadow. In fact, he was of average intelligence, and he has talent around. Apple certainly has its own roadmap for the expansion of existing products, Apple may also have to meet the Old Joe "hobby" Apple TV, to ensure that the company earned pours. It is expected that the successor to Jobs as Old Joe, as from time to time to invent products popular around the world. If Apple after Steve Jobs does not exist, then none other than the most poor, but so many Apple fans will no longer have any nifty things you can chase, the technology world will not scenery.

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