Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reuters said the iPhone 5 September 4 on behalf of the listed shape


  Latest reports, Apple put into operation next July supplier iPhone , the aircraft equipped with a faster processor but the appearance remained unchanged, may be listed in September.

  Reuters quoted the three source said on Wednesday, Apple's next-generation iPhonewill come in September. "The new machine will be equipped with a faster processor, but the general shape close to iPhone 4 ", reported, wrote, did not provide further details.

  Reuters insider information and Concorde Securities analyst Guo Ming pool broadly in line with a recent report. Guo said earlier this week to AppleInsider, Apple called theiPhone on September 5 production.

  Guo my survey of the supply chain, iPhone 5 configuration used in the current iPad 2 A5 faster processor and after a 800 million pixel camera. He also informed that the next generation of intelligent machines will be powered by Apple's high-pass baseband, providing GSM and CDMA dual version and antenna design to improve it.

  Earlier reports also hinted that Apple would delay the next generation iPhone released after the period to the end of summer. Since June 2007 a ​​generation iPhone on sale since a few years, every summer Apple will release a new iPhone .

  Last week, DigiTimes quoted source said touch screen panel makers, Apple has not been announced iPhone product roadmap 5, indicating that the aircraft is unlikely in the summer market.

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