Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Samsung patent case Apple will not threaten their relationship


  "Financial Times" online edition today, the author said, Apple and Samsung's threat of litigation is not part of the supply of apples. The following is the full text:

  According to sources, Apple's key suppliers Samsung Electronics for its action, does not mean that the two companies would lift the parts supply relationship.

  Apple on Friday to the California courts, claiming that Samsung infringed Apple's 7 patents, and the Samsung smart phones and tablet form factor is also copied Apple.

  However, before that, Samsung, Apple has locked for long-term supplier of the breakdown of their relationship is not good for both sides.

  Analysts said that despite the Jobs of Apple products mimic the behavior of Samsung are very angry, but very difficult to find a time Apple alternative suppliers to ensure that Apple's products, the normal supply of custom parts.

  Samsung said it will respect the legal counter-attack, defend their rights. Samsung executives said, in fact, three months before the release of the Galaxy, Samsung is still together with the United States glass manufacturer on how to design a curved screen Galaxy, similar to the surface of a pool of water that arc. Their idea is that when the user touches the screen when the Galaxy could hear the sound like drops of water dripping.

  However, Samsung's mobile division, executive vice president of Lee Don-Joo said, due to commercial viability is not high, one month before the product is released, they forced to abandon the original design, the final product can only be used flat screens.

  Apple has repeatedly been asked to ensure that Samsung would not reveal details of Apple's chip orders to Samsung mobile sector. Samsung president's heir apparent Lee Jae-yong, said he had conducted intense negotiations with Steve Jobs, Apple has repeatedly made the assurance to dispel concerns about Apple.

  Technology analysts say, because Apple and Samsung signed a large number of orders, the Samsung for Apple to provide a more favorable price, even greater than the Samsung also offers the degree to own the concessions offered to the mobile sector.

  Analysts believe that Apple and Samsung, the two companies publicly dispute, leading to the transfer Apple iPad 2 chip maker reasons. iPad 2 chip manufacturer Samsung reason, Apple has orders to TSMC. But Apple will order the withdrawal of Samsung, its supply chain will cause great threat.

  Most analysts agree that this year, TSMC's production capacity is difficult to compete with Samsung. But Credit Suisse analyst Randy Abrams 2012, Taiwan suppliers have been able to meet demand for Apple's part.

  Transfer chip supplier to Apple is also very unfavorable. Analyst who declined to be named, said Samsung and Apple jointly developed the processor chip, which means that Samsung may use this counterclaim Apple, Samsung competitor can be made by the chip that is based on the original technology.

  South Korean analysts acknowledged, Samsung also has a strong leverage, because the Samsung processor is supplied as part of other components, such as D-Ram memory chips. Samsung significant investment by the D-Ram memory chips to improve productivity, increase their own competitiveness.

  South Korea Shinyoung Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo said Samsung's dominant position in memory chips, means that if Apple terminated the cooperation with Samsung, Apple will bring themselves into a very disadvantageous position.

  Lee Seung-woo, said: "In the long run, Apple could develop their own multi-channel supply chain, but in the short term, Apple is unlikely to take the risk. There is no alternative to Samsung, which company, to Apple provides a full range of parts, no matter what part needs Apple, Samsung, Apple is a one-stop supplier. "

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