Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IMac update soon tight supply

  Tight supply Apple products often precedes the arrival of a new generation of products. And the most recent example is the iPad iPad 2, older MacBook Pro with quad-core processors with Thunderbolt, and the new MacBook Pro. Now, on to the iMac shortage, perhaps indicates that the new iMac be released soon. 9to5Mac website to collect information from different countries, which proves iMac has been generally out of stock.

  The first is the U.S. distributor said, iMac tight supply, a variety of iMac has marked Constrained (tight supply), even if destined for larger areas, the above is also marked with No ETA (estimated time of arrival can not.)

  IMac machine not only supply tension, even the parts also in stock iMac state, which iMac graphics card and hard drive out of the most serious.

  In addition, dealers also said that Asian countries supply 21.5-inch iMac is extremely tight, especially the 3.06GHz frequency models, the other three models have also been close to out of stock.

  Although the Mac mini and the white MacBook is also the time to replacement, but both products are still a lot of inventory. Which further indicates that the arrival of the new iMac.

  Previous reports, the new iMac will be Sandy Bridge processor equipped with a faster chip, and the Thunderbolt I / O ports, is expected by the end of April or early May release.

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