Thursday, April 21, 2011

White iPhone 4 Caught on Video Demoing Previously Unseen Test iOS

Engadget has a couple of really fascinating videos today, obtained from Vietnamese site Tinhte, showing a white iPhone 4 running a test version of iOS. One of the videos shows a multitasking menu with a thumbnail of some of the apps’ open windows, which is different to the current version of course that shows just the app icons. The other video, which is even more fascinating and intriguing, shows the phone in much more detail. For example, in the Settings menu you can see the 64GB storage capacity. Engadget notes that the fact that the phone is running a version of Touch Fighter, which Apple has used in the past to showcase the features of earlier iPhones, as well as other types of unknown software, indicates that the phone is running some sort of iOS beta build. Engadget says that as far as the authenticity of the videos is concerned, Tinhte usually has a reputation for getting official Apple devices early, so what we're seeing is unlikely to be a clever fake.

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