Thursday, April 21, 2011

New survey shows 85% of occupied iPad tablet PC market

  Tablet PC as the initiator, iPad no doubt occupied in this dominant position in emerging markets, the relevant data What, then what will be a rule of it?

  According to ABI research findings, iPad in the Tablet PC market share reached a shocking 85%. Samsung came in second, only 8% market share, third in the Archos is a miserable 2% of the total they account for 95% of the market, while other competitors have a small share of almost ignored. Competition from the market point of view, this is not a good thing. Fortunately, this situation will not last too long, media Tablet PC for many brands have been gaining momentum.

  "Many companies are searching for a route different from Apple, so low-end, low-cost design will likely become the mainstream of the other competitors." ABI's Jeff Orr said, "We look forward to in 2011 Tablet PC shipments in between 4 10000000-5 million. "

  Jeff also said, "We all sincerely hope that these Tablet PCs have the ability to compete with the iPad 2, we do not want to see Apple launch a state of contentment Mingming iPad 3, so the market is too boring, is not it?"

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