Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moving Target released a Thousand Faces "person" video applications

  Moving Target has issued VideoMask 1.0 for iOS. According to media reports, this is a allows users with family, friends and colleagues share anecdotes of video applications, but it also allows users to create their own clips, and to the world. In addition, the use of this wide range of applications: from birthday wishes to the political commentary, or a unique way to say "I will return home late."

  It is reported that these masks can be applied to every face: friends, family, celebrities, sports stars, national leader. Leaders, or cartoon characters and so on. Users can capture any picture, can become VideoMask. Imagine a big shot to the mouth of different issue your voice, "said," that you want to say, it will be very interesting.

  The application interface is very simple, even beginners can easily create an above VideoMask. Currently VideoMask official website provides details of this application to download the video tutorial.

  Application features:

  * With the mask of ten pre-
  * Automatic color the user selected picture
  * Simple interface that lets anyone create VideoMask
  * Ability to save VideoMask to iPhone 's photo album
  * You can Email, Facebook or Youtube to share VideoMask

  VideoMask 1.0 is currently the Photography category in the App Store on the exclusive sale price of $ 0.99.

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