Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple's fiscal 2011 second quarter conference call summary

  20 U.S. local time, Apple held the second quarter of fiscal year 2011 revenue conference call to analysts and the media announced last quarter earnings. Apple COO Tim Cook and chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer presided over the meeting.Following is a partial summary of the meeting:

- Mac sales are the best season of all quarter, but also Apple's 20 consecutive quarters since the first time the market.

- The new MacBook Pro early market was strong, Oppenheimer said the customers so overwhelming.

- Cook at the meeting pointed out, iPad on the Mac has produced a "halo effect" and stimulate the growth of Apple's business customers

- Apple did not share in the loss of the education sector and look forward to homecoming with greater improvement quarter

-    iPhone sales break record

- Fortune 500 companies, 88% of companies are testing or adoption of iPhone , such as Cisco, Prudential Insurance, Boston Scientific, General Motors, Deloitte, Xerox, etc.

- Cook said that Apple Japan, the economic impact of disaster on the relative impact of the disaster on human terms, less than a mention. The second quarter is not affected by the impact of disasters in Japan, the third quarter will not have too much influence. Cook worry about the situation, but continuing instability, especially in power can not return to normal after the earthquake.

- Apple's long-term cooperation in Japan remain the same supplier, Cook laments: "They (Japanese suppliers) demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt is the experience I have never had." Apple employees working throughout the day to respond to emergency situations .

- Cook: "We continue to enter the China market. iPhone sales in China increased to three times before, an increase of up to 250%. " Apple China as iPhone 's main market, the words of Cook, iPhone in China's growth is called "changes."

- Cook about LTE network, said: "The first generation of LTE chipsets require us to iPhoneto make a large number of design changes, some of which we do not want to compromise. "

- Cook said Steve Jobs on a regular basis to the company headquarters, Steve Jobs hopes to return to the company as soon as possible, resume normal work.

- Cook that, as a supplier of parts for Apple devices, Samsung is Apple's important partner. However, he said: "We believe Samsung's mobile communications sector has crossed the line and we have repeatedly after their fruitless negotiations, decided to put into law."

- Speaking of tight supply situation iPad 2, Oppenheimer said: "We are working with the equipment as quickly as possible to the hands of customers."
IPad's enterprise customers demand. Fortune 500, 75% of the companies are testing or deploying iPad, including AutoNation automotive marketing services company, ADP, Estee Lauder, Walt Disney, to charity, Boston Scientific Corporation, Xerox, etc.

- The iPhone , iPad, and combined sales of iPod touch, Apple in the second quarter, less than 189 million units sold iOS equipment.

- Cook: the product does not think a simple turn of the total. Apple has been reduced in the quarter, the first generation of 57 million shipments iPad, in the quarter increased by 17 million iPad 2, but most are still in transit.

- ITunes revenue reached almost 1.1 billion, an unprecedented record.

- May 9 for the tenth anniversary of Apple's retail stores, Apple will soon usher in the tenth million retail customers.

- Mac retail customers, half of the first purchase Mac computers.

- Apple retail stores in other countries, the number of Apple retail stores have exceeded the number of U.S.

- 2011 fiscal year, Apple hold an additional 40 new stores, nearly three-quarters is located outside the United States, including retail stores in China, the fifth.

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