Saturday, April 23, 2011

How To Double Your iPhone 4′s Battery Life

Now one of the things Apple seems to have definitely improved in the iPhone 4 is the battery life, I’ve heard of hardly any complaints from people about their iPhone 4 running out of battery, but I’ve heard of several iPhone 3GS users who aren’t so lucky.
But then again the battery is said to last up to 300 hours and is a lot bigger than the battery on previous iPhone models. Also thanks to the more power efficient Apple A4 chip you get more juice than before. But still, Apple’s insane design policies will not let you easily remove the battery or replace it, so you can forget about carrying a spare one with you.
If you’re a power user or travel alot, you will probably find that you run dangerously low on battery at times, well this could be the solution for you and saves your neck just as your battery would be about to run out on an important call to your boss.
The Mili PowerSpring 4 could be your lifesaver, it claims to double your iPhone 4′s battery life and is said to be the worlds thinnest lithium ion battery case ever and has an impressive 1600mAh!
What’s more you can get your hands on one now for just £54.99
Check it out, it could just save your skin some day – Click here for more

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